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Dear Mother Nature

I’m not going to mess about, Because quite frankly you have been horrid this winter! and I have had enough!

I’ll tell you something, It wasnt enough for you to start winter early this year was it? oh no, you had to make it never bloody ending as well! It’s not big and it’s not clever!

I can just about cope with the gradual decline in temperatures over November and December, then be freezing for just January and February. But this year you have really surpassed yourself in your dislike of me! Not only is it costing me a fortune in heating but it’s also making me mentally unstable, did you not think about the children when you decided to this to me?

Well here’s the thing… its my birthday next week, so I am giving you the chance to make it all better. Seen as im in a forgiving mood. If you make it a nice day sunday, with sunshine and temperatures over 14c all will be forgiven and we can begin to make things right between us again.

I look forward to your reply next sunday. I trust you will put things right!




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What a morning!

To get my son to school I have to leave my house at 8am, this is quite tough in the winter as it’s still dark. I find mornings horrible and depressing and my mood doesn’t tend to lift for the rest of the day!

this is until this morning.

Spring is coming!!!


These were taken at 8am this morning, it was beautiful out there and bright! It really has lifted me out of the winter blues today.



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