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Some very special Ladies

This is a follow on from my letter to my mother. A tribute to three women, who have all played a very special part in my life. Non of them are blood relatives but more than deserve to be. It just shows that when someone holding a vital role in your life turns their back on you, there is always those angels there just waiting to fill that role.

So here they are…


 This is my Step-mum, I moved in with Rosalyn and my dad at 15. Rosalyn was only 27,(the same age I am now). She had no children, and had only lived with my dad for 3 months.

So to have a troubled 15 year old turn up at your door late at night, for good, must be a very difficult thing to deal with. It wasn’t easy for either of us. I tested every boundary, emotion and limit. But amazingly enough, She is still there! Rosalyn is the first adult in my life to show me that not everyone leaves. No matter what I do. I the way a mother should be. Every achievement i have she will praise me, not pick a fault in it. She has all the time in the world for me.

She showed me true motherly love, something I hadnt seen since i was very young. A true Angel.

Aunty Denise 

This is Rosalyn’s sister. She is a fantastic mother of 4. And i know she was a huge source of support to Rosalyn when I was younger. But for me it’s been in the last 4 years Denise has been utterly fantastic for me.

Having Rosalyn live so far away (Oman) Denise is my first point of call for support. She has made me realise im doing ok with my children, and shows me that when things are going wrong, how to get through it. And supports me when I get upset about my Mother, Denise’s logic of being a mother has taught me a lot about myself, And again she has shown me that she is another person that is here to stay, unconditionally and at anytime.

Another Angel sent to me.


Full credit for Rosalyn and Denise must go to their Mum, My Nana. She brought them up on her own, And made them into very special and loving people. I only knew Nana for 5 years. She very sadly passed away 7 years ago.

The 5 years I knew Nana, she was exactly that. My Nana, This woman had so much love in her heart, She had a whole ton of it for me. Treated me just as she did my cousins. I remember when i was 17 and living in away from my town. It was in really dark time in my life. But Nana sent me a letter. Nothing special, just to see how i was and to let me know things in her life. That was the single thing that starting me on the road out of the darkness.

I also remember when i had my son. She organised the whole family to meet, so they can all see her new great-grandson. It was a wonderful day.

These three Ladies are truly special, There isn’t enough words to describe them fully, In their own ways each of them have taught me different things about myself and about life. And they have well and truly filled the void left by my mother.

Sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water


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